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Memtest 4.22 is a universal binary for use with PowerPC and Intel Macs running OS versions 10.3 through 10.5.x. The download package contains a spielautomaten spiele single executable universal binary for both PPC and Intel-based Macs. Version 4.22 corrects a minor cosmetic issue when running under Leopard.


Memtest OSX is the best ram-testing utility for the Macintosh platform with the ability to find intermittent memory problems that are the frequent cause of unexplained crashes or freezes in Macs. Memtest can identify random memory problems that commercially available utilities miss including defective motherboard CPU cache memory. Memtest is distributed as a universal (fat) binary containing four separate executables targeting each of the currently available Mac platforms. The appropriate machine-specific executable is loaded by OS X at launch time. New features in version 4.22 include:

- Addition of a quick option to shorten the total run time. This feature is still under development so the improvement is only slightly better at this time. Future versions of memtest will improve performance significantly when using the quick option.

- When the user chooses to write out a log file to disk, memtest now reports the full unix path in the header messages. This resolves spelautomater online the confusion over where the log file is being written.

Memtest executes in 64-bit mode on PPC G5, Intel Xeon-based Mac Pros, and the latest Macbook Pro Core 2 Dual systems running MacOS 10.4 or later, allowing virtually any amount of installed ram to be tested. On all other systems, memtest executes in 32-bit mode with a maximum testable limit of 2 GB.

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