Some versions of the Safari browser cause an error to occur when downloading from an ftp link.
Most of these errors occur under MacOS 10.3.9. If Safari generates an error message or the
size of the downloaded image file is 0 bytes, please use the latest version of the Mozilla or Firefox
browsers instead. Both of these browsers work correctly with the ftp download links.

Please note that Paypal's default payment method is eCheck which imposes a processing delay of up to 4 business
days to clear the transaction. During this period, you will not be able to download memtest and will not receive
an authorization code. If you need memtest immediately, please change the default payment method to either direct
withdrawal from funds already in your Paypal account, direct withdrawal from your bank account (non-eCheck), or by
credit card. The payment rules are set by Paypal and we regret that there is no way to change them.

When paying by credit card or direct Paypal withdrawal, your transaction will clear almost immediately. However,
it may take some time for the system to send out the download and authorization code emails, so please
be patient and check your inbox periodically. Note that if you are running a spam blocker, the emails may end up
in your junk folder or you may not get them at all. In this case, please contact us directly atMemtestOSX Sales
and we will be happy to find a workaround. For all technical support issues, please contact us atMemtestOSX Support.

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